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Ziller Inks

Glossy Black

Sold Out

Designed and developed by lettering artists for lettering artists.

Sub-micron size pigment particles give you a smooth feel in a variety of tools. Stir well before use.  Create other colors by mixing colours. Clean your pens with diluted ammonia & water or glass cleaner as you would any acrylic waterproof ink. Can be thinned with a few drops of distilled water. 1 oz jar

Ziller inks are:

  • Light-fast - Because you want your legacy to last.
  • Pigmented - Using pigments ground to sub-micron size for best flow and color effect.
  • Ph Balanced - For archival stability.
  • Waterproof - An acrylic co-polymer formula to allow unique color design, and give you an edge over the elements and the postman.
  • Gives fine hairlines and solid broad lines that are consistent in color.
  • Pre-mixed for your convenience.
  • A dipable ink with a wide mouth jar.
  • Flows well from both pointed and broad edged pens.
  • Creates similar looks of gouaches.
  • Water soluble, just dilute with distilled water.
  • Easy to clean up with water and a little ammonia.
  • Conforms to the ASTM D-4236 labeling requirements no toxic and the European EN-71 Standards no heavy metals.