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Tisgan Bebezhik Gindaaswin: Paint by Numbers - Monarch


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We are excited to share a brand new collaboration between us and Beam Paints; Tisgan Bebezhik Gindaaswin: Paint by Numbers.

These charming 7"x5" greeting cards have a lightly drawn butterfly illustration which you can paint with the attached Beam Paints watercolour dots.  All you need is some water and a paintbrush!  The detailed instruction sheets lets you know what area to paint in what colour.  create your own piece of art, even if you have zero artistic ability!

Once your work of art is complete, simply cut the paint strip from the bottom, write inside the card and gift it to someone special.  They are blank inside and an envelope is included!  Or frame your masterpiece and start your very own gallery wall!

Use these greeting cards as and all-in-one card/gift and give someone the joy of painting the card themselves!  All you need to do is fold the paint strip back along the scored line so it fits inside the included envelope.

Collect all four designs!

Whats included:

1 - 7"x5" card with cut-away Beam Paints watercolour dots, printed on 100% cotton cardtsock

1 - A7 kraft paper envelope

1 - Instruction sheet

About Beam Paints:

Thank you for supporting an indigenous family business! The paints you have just purchased are made with local Manitoulin honey, wildcrafted tree sap, hand-gathered, washed and sifted Manitoulin stone, and the finest lightfast pigments. We strive to be a plastic free company, and we make all our packaging, either hand-cut and sanded reclaimed white cedar and birch, or, wrappers, hand printed in shop with plant based inks, and waxed with local beeswax. To see our process and mini tutorials visit Instagram: @beampaints and

Designed and Illustrated by Quills.  @quillspaper | @jlewisillustrations