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The Chair Pen Shiv

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PENdemic Pen Holders are my first attempt at making pens on a wood lathe while I'm stuck at home during this Covid19 pandemic.  I'm still learning, so each pen has little imperfections...or, little personalities if you will! :)  They are unique and one of a kind, and one day when I become a global pen turning sensation you'll be able to say I own one of her very first pens!

The Chair Pen is made from a 120 year old broken wooden chair.  I accidentally made the end of this pen a little too thin and now I think it looks like a shiv.  LOL!  (I think I've been watching too much "60 Days In" on tv)  It measures 7" long and has a narrow grip.  I'm pretty sure it's maple and it is finished in a natural oil.

The brass flange is fitted for G style nibs such as the Nikko G.